Safe Implant Technology


GLUCARE Eurostars project

The GLUCARE consortium, which Safe Implant Technology is part of, has been awarded with funding from EUROSTARS to execute the ~€1,3M GLUCARE project aiming to develop a first-in-class implantable biosensor for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with long-term tolerability that will allow diabetic patients to benefit from accurate real-time blood glucose measurements for more effective diabetes management.

Safe Implant Technology

About Us

To make implantable medical devices safer, securer, and better for patients, Safe Implant Technology has developed and patented GP5.

Imagine having an implantable CGM that never has to be replaced or an abdominal mesh that won’t inflict pain. That’s what GP5 can do for patients across medical device types and brands.

Our History

Safe Implant Technology was founded with a vision to address the challenges posed by adverse immune reactions triggered by implantable medical devices. The company’s journey began with extensive research into understanding the underlying causes of these reactions. We established Mechanism of Action with GP5, a pioneering product that suppressed immunological responses, and form a proprietary surface coating that reduced complications and improved patient outcomes. Safe Implant Technology’s dedication to innovation and patient well-being led to seek regulatory approval and funding for the development of a generic surface coating for all implantable medical devices.

Our Vision

Safe Implant Technology envisions a future where implantable medical devices are safer, biocompatible, and offer improved outcomes for patients. We strive to be at the forefront of medical development, continuously innovating our generic surface coating GP5 to minimize immune reactions and ensure the long-term integrity and functionality of medical implants.

Our Mission

Safe Implant Technology’s mission is to develop and provide medical device surface coatings that decrease immune reactions, improve biocompatibility, and reduce post-operative complications. We aim to create a lasting impact on the field of medical technology, contributing to better patient experiences and ensuring the well-being of implant recipients worldwide. To achieve this mission, Safe Implant Technology seeks to establish a robust data foundation, conduct clinical studies, and obtain regulatory approval for the surface coating GP5, adhering to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.